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We work with leaders in the fields of data protection, authentication and perimeter security to protect your organisation and manage any threats with the most effective security systems.


We lead in the field of network analysis and supervision, and wireless products to find innovative solutions to improve your technology infrastructure.

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Our Professional Services Team, Kaon SecurITy, has extensive industry experience and provides a range of IT security services within New Zealand and Australia.

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Gemalto’s Three Step Approach

Every company has a Plan A for how to stop cyber criminals from getting into the network and stealing data. Build a wall around the data with next generation super-duper firewalls, throw in some AV and IDS, and sprinkle it all with some SIEM. It is a plan that has not changed much in the past 10 years.


The Borderless Enterprise

While the term “Borderless Enterprise” has a wide-range of definitions based on who is asked, the core component is tied to the seismic shift of how new applications or services are supplied today compared to legacy approaches.


Are you changing your passwords as often as the weather changes?

While the weather may not change as frequently where you are, there is one thing that should change more frequently: Your privileged passwords. Why? If you’re like more than 25% of companies out there, then your current IT environment contains unmanaged accounts putting you at risk of data breaches and compliance violations.