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We work with leaders in the fields of data protection, authentication and perimeter security to protect your organisation and manage any threats with the most effective security systems.


We lead in the field of network analysis and supervision, and wireless products to find innovative solutions to improve your technology infrastructure.

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Our Professional Services Team, Kaon SecurITy, has extensive industry experience and provides a range of IT security services within New Zealand and Australia.

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Mitigating the Risk of an Inevitable Data Breach

Data breaches are increasing at an alarming rate, both in frequency and sophistication. Think you’r…

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Priority, Attention, Investment.

IT Policies are used to help establish a common direction and effective control of risk. However CI…

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Strong Authentication is Crucial for More Flexible Work 4/15/2016

We’re living in a more connected world, which means the nature of work is changing. The rise of smartphones, tablets and cloud systems are fuelling demand for a more mobile workplace, where employee… More »

Ransomware is Rampant-ware in NZ 3/29/2016

The Scourge of Ransomware - in our latest blog Steve Macmillan discusses how ransomware attacks are on the rise and talks about preventative measures to consider. More »

A Safer Cyber Journey 1/27/2016

Steve Macmillan discusses the new National Plan to Address Cybercrime which was released by the Government in December. More »

TalkTalk – A Text Book Case 11/12/2015

Steve Macmillan talks about how the number of hacks and data breaches being covered in the mainstream media is on the rise and how one company in the UK is a text book example. More »