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Security Problems Solved

  • The key to a secure BYOD-enabled enterprise

    Implementing a BYOD program poses a number of security concerns, because if left unmanaged, it can impact your network availability and cause data loss. According to Gartner, more than half of all global employees participated in a BYOD program in 2013; those companies that have opened up their doors to allow corporate data access on any device will need the right network access strategies and data policies in place to secure their environment and proprietary content.

  • Database Security Technology

    Knowing that valuable and confidential information stored in databases is fully protected can prove to be somewhat challenging for organisations. Whilst we like to think we know our databases, in reality we don't always know what is inside them. Organic growth, management by external contractors, adds, moves and changes are examples of factors that can contribute to making data protection challenging. It is therefore easy to see how blind spots can occur.

  • Securing Authentication To Cloud Applications

    The Cloud is one of the fastest growing areas in the IT sector today. Putting aside the hype by the industry media and vendors, more businesses are transitioning applications to the cloud.

  • Ancient technology enables new technology adoption

    Encryption, which could be classed as ancient in technology years, is proving invaluable to organizations looking to adopt a data-centric, rather than perimeter-based, security model. It is recognised by analysts and experts as being a fundamental technology for realising Cloud security. Furthermore Encryption may be the answer for NZ organisations grappling with trust issues that exist around Cloud based computing and remove this key barrier to adoption.

  • Secure mobile collaboration

    Allowing any device to connect to your network is liberating for
    the user but presents a business problem for the company's data
    which users need to access, collaborate and save whilst mobile

  • Secure your data in the cloud

    Cloud based services offer a simple way for New Zealand organisations to increase capacity, add new capabilities and respond to demands without large capital investment in infrastructure, licensing or the time delay of training a team

  • Do you know the value of your data?

    If organisations such as Sony, Sega and Citibank are asked to quantify the value of their data, they would be able to answer immediately, as they have all experienced data loss played out in the public arena.  This has resulted in many senior managers asking their IT teams to quantify the value of their data, the risk and the value of a breach or loss

  • Reduce operational costs through digital signatures

    In order to comply with regulations, expedite business processes and reduce operational costs, companies around the world are moving to electronic document signing

  • Need to reduce remote access risks?

    Greater remote access means greater risk. How can you balance flexible access while securely authenticating each employee?

  • Need to protect data on laptops in the field?

    Allow employees to work efficiently and unencumbered whilst protecting sensitive data.

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