MPA 2016 Security Forum

The MPA Security Forum for 2016 proved to be a popular event with over 120 people attending this year. A big thank you to all our speakers – Owen McCall, Brett Moore, Kieran O’Shaughnessy, Edwin Vella, Graeme Pyper, Andrew Younger, Matt Telford, Adam Sloan, Mark Micklefield and Daniel Kinlock. Well Done ! -  to MC’s Andrew Corbett and Jason Reid in Dojo 1&2 and Annalise Broersen for pulling it all together over the last 6 weeks.

We conducted a poll with our guests to get an understanding of how they were addressing a range of cyber  issues and challenges - Details will be published in the second week of June.

Some presentation content will also be posted on our website or available on request from June 9th.