MPA Secuirty Forum - Poll Results


The Poll results from the MPA Security Forum have been compiled in a report which is now available for download.

This snapshot of the current local IT Security environment confirmed that many organisation are dealing with multiple attacks per annum and most are not well placed to detect or defend against those attacks.

The pie chart below represents the details collected from 66 respondents who answered the question - How many times in the last 12 months have you been adversely impacted by an IT Security issue ?


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The data shows that over 50% had 3+ IT Security issues to deal with in the last 12 months. With no sign of this malicious activity abating it has ongoing serious implications for NZ organisations.

This second pie chart below shows the what our attendees nominated as their biggest challenge in keeping IT systems and data secure.


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The responses highlighted a number of challenging “people factors” - user education and awareness, lack of resources plus senior management not engaged around risk, governance and security - and it points to an urgent requirement for organisations to develop a culture that will improve their security posture.


To obtain the full report CLICK HERE