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Terry Allen
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Terry Allen - Independent Director

Terry Allen is a business strategist with specialist experience in guiding existing business to ‘next level’ growth and early stage ventures to succeed.

In a career spanning 20 years Terry has held numerous senior roles in multinational technology-based companies including Microsoft New Zealand - Enterprise Group Director, The ICEHOUSE Accelerator – Director, and Kern Mobile Ltd - Executive Chair.  

Terry’s experience brings a focus on commercialization, growth strategy and skilled company governance. He has a passion for growing companies and has extensive experience and a solid understanding of the strategic and financial planning needs, combined with execution methodology to deliver this.  Terry is skilled in the facilitation of strategic planning and translating this into action through initiatives from growth into new markets through to in-house capability development.

Terry is the founder and director of Allen Strategic, a company specializing in the provision of strategy and execution and governance at a board and executive level. Current governance roles include Massey Ventures Ltd – Chair, Theta Systems – Director, Kern Mobile – Chair, E-Centre – Director, Musac - Advisory Board, And Sharesight – Director.

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