Kaon Security Overview

Professional  Services

Kaon SecurITy, provides a range of IT security services within New Zealand and Australia including:-

  • Technical Network Security Auditing

  • Website audits

  • IT Security Consulting

  • IT Security Framework

  • IT Policy Development

  • IT Procedural Documentation customised and integrated with the IT Policy System

  • IT Security Awareness Staff Training and Products

  • Security Incident Management Services

  • SecurITy


IT Policy  System

The IT Policy System developed by Protocol Policy System's assists organisations define, document  and deliver IT Security Policies and procedures in a very structured and  efficient manner with minimal time and resource commitments. The extensive  policy documentation contained within the system are fully cross referenced to current security frameworks and standards. The IT Policy System has been widely deployed in many industry sectors and documents the organisations expectations  for the use, operation and management of IT resources and electronic information. It is provided in an easy to use, intranet ready format and doesn't require any specialist software, equipment or training to deploy and use.


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