Cofense Overview

Phishing is the primary method of entry in 90% of cyber-attacks world-wide and many high profile breaches emanate from a single, successful phish. Since it typically takes more than 200 days to detect a breach, global organisations need to focus their efforts on prevention and response to neutralise these highly successful attack methods. 

Even with record investments, the number of breaches attributed to phishing attacks, continues to grow. It’s obvious that technology alone can’t solve the problem. That’s why Cofense solutions focus on engaging the human–your last line of defense after a phish bypasses other technology–for better prevention and response. Cofense delivers a comprehensive human phishing defense platform focused on fortifying employees and enabling incident response teams to quickly analyse and respond to targeted phishing attacks.

Cofense Solutions

Cofense PhishMe 

Cofense PhishMe uses industry-proven behavioral conditioning methods to better prepare employees to recognise and resist malicious phishing attempts–transforming one of your biggest liabilities into your strongest defense.

Cofense Reporter

To date, organisations have lacked an efficient process for gathering, organising, and analyzing user reports of suspicious emails that may indicate early stages of a cyber attack. Cofense Reporter™ provides organisations with a simple, cost-effective way to fill this information gap.

Cofense Triage

Cofense Triage is the first phishing-specific incident response platform that allows security operation (SOC) and incident responders to automate the prioritisation, analysis and response to phishing threats that bypass your email security technologies. It gives you the visibility and analytics you need to speed processing and response to employee-reported phishing threats and decrease your risk of breach.

Cofense Intelligence

Cofense Intelligence delivers only phishing-specific threats vetted by human analysts to eliminate false positives.  We analyse millions of messages daily from a wide variety of sources – automatically dissecting them to identify new and emerging phishing and malware threats. Cofense Intelligence is then published in MRTI for easy integration into other security solutions and in human-readable formats for deeper research and diagnostics.


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