Imperva Overview

Imperva has a singular purpose: to defend and protect what matters most. Your intellectual property, business plans, trade secrets, customer and employee information, and the day-to-day data that drives your business. Imperva also help you comply with the myriad of increasingly stringent data protection regulations and mandates, as well as enforce policies, entitlements and audit controls.

Cybercrime is about profit and making money. And cybercriminals make money on your data.

Imperva protects cloud applications, websites, web applications, critical databases, files and Big Data repositories from hackers and insider threats - ultimately protecting your data - the one thing that matters most.

Products from Imperva include:

  • Incapsula and SecureSphere for DDoS Protection
  • Incapsula, SecureSphere and ThreatRadar for Application Security and Threat Intelligence
  • SecureSphere and CounterBreach for Data Security and Breach Prevention


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