Ancient technology enables new technology adoption

Encryption, which could be classed as ancient in technology years, is proving invaluable to organizations looking to adopt a data-centric, rather than perimeter-based, security model. It is recognised by analysts and experts as being a fundamental technology for realising Cloud security. Furthermore Encryption may be the answer for NZ organisations grappling with trust issues that exist around Cloud based computing and remove this key barrier to adoption.

Research organisations such as Forrester and Frost & Sullivan have recently highlighted how encryption combined with robust key management is one of the best ways to secure corporate data in the cloud.  

From experience MPA has found that encryption can address a range of considerations that could undermine any interest or plans to move to Cloud based models - Software as a Service, Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service.  

Examples being -

  • Is my data isolated once it resides in a multi-tenant environment - is there any chance of a data breach?
  • Can anyone with some form of administration privileges at the service provider operation get unauthorised access to the data?
  • How do I ensure we have visibility around which of our employees have accessed our secured data and can we demonstrate separation of duties? - e.g. access and administration
  • Can I demonstrate customer sensitive data is secured and do we meet any necessary compliance requirements?
  • Should we move to a new Cloud provider, how do I guarantee the data that resided with the previous provider has been totally destroyed?

In summary encrypting data, and retaining control of who has access to that data, is the simplest and most effective mechanism for the business to trust the Cloud.

MPA and Safenet can assist organisations build this trust.

To obtain a copy of the presentation document -

Securing Sensitive Data In The Cloud contact

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