Balancing IT Security and Productivity


A recent US survey by Dimensional Research found that 72% of employees are willing to share “sensitive, confidential, or regulated company information”. Regulated information being classed as customer records in financial services and Patient Health Information (PHI) in healthcare.

The findings paint a bleak picture of data security practices in organisations. Conclusions included:

  • 43% would share information if instructed to do so by management.
  • 37% would share information with a person specifically authorised to receive it.
  • 23% would share information if the potential benefit were high and the risk low.
  • 22% would share information if doing so would help them do their job more effectively.
  • 13% would share information if they thought doing so would help the recipient do their job more effectively.

Nearly half of employees surveyed confirmed they had used their personal email accounts for business communications, and they often are storing and sharing their work through public-cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. 

The use of personal devices and consumer applications – often referred to as Shadow IT – to hold and share company information should be a major concern for any organisation as the content is moved outside of an IT department’s oversight and control.

The survey shows it’s common practice in the US and in our experience it is also very common practice in NZ.

The primary motivation for these dangerous operational shortcuts and end runs around security measures is simply employees wanting to do their jobs efficiently. Employees want to be productive but often their organisation prioritises security over productivity, making their jobs more difficult than necessary.

The fact that employees are knowingly circumventing security measures in order to work more efficiently, particularly at a time when data breaches are becoming more common and pernicious, is troubling, to say the least.

How kiteworks by Accellion help organisations do to address these risks?

Implementing a secure content collaboration solution that builds security into everyday content sharing, but is also intuitive and easy to use, is a critical first step.

The Accellion kiteworks content collaboration platform integrates with the systems that employees are already using to store files—including Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, OpenText, Box and many others. By using kiteworks to access, edit, share and collaborate on regulated information, organisations gain a critical layer of data security and control as content accessed from any location, and from any device.

Some of the important security features available with Accellion kiteworks include:

  • View-only access rights to prevent content from being copied, forwarded, or tampered with
  • Integration with leading DLP products to ensure compliance with data protection policies
  • Secure containers on mobile devices, shielding data from unauthorised access
  • Enforcement of security policies for content stored in ECM platforms and public-cloud services
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Auditing and reporting capabilities to monitor content-sharing and demonstrate compliance

It also provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, reducing the risk of employees circumventing security controls in the name of productivity.

Accellion kiteworks usability features include:

  • Unified access to all enterprise content stored in on-prem and cloud-based systems
  • An Outlook plug-in that makes it easy for employees to access and send attachments within leaving their mail client
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration to create, edit, and save Microsoft files without having to duplicate files
  • Comprehensive full-text search across all content systems
  • Versioning and threaded discussions, enabling collaborators to understand which file is current how it has changed

Accellion kiteworks enables organisations to extend their existing applications, content, and workflows, to enable users inside the enterprise to securely collaborate with the external world while maintaining complete control and visibility to achieve compliance.

To get further information on how Accellion kiteworks can provide a great collaboration platform for you organisation contact Sameer Shaikh:

To download the whitepaper - Solve the Dropbox Problem with Enterprise Connectors - CLICK HERE

Sameer Shaikh -

Sameer has over 11 years of experience in sales and customer service roles in the technology, financial, wholesale trade and retail sector in India, UAE, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

At MPA Sameer is applying his expertise in customer management and business development to maintain existing business relationships as well as developing new business opportunities.

He also shares responsibility in the sales and purchase order entry and logistics areas.

Sameer has a Bachelor of Science degree.

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