Data Loss Prevention; Some Verification Helps

Earlier this year our company conducted an exercise where we spoke with a selection of CIO’s and IT Managers of medium and large organisations to understand how they were placed to identify and validate if they had a data loss or leakage issue.

When posed the question – “What has your company done to ensure effective control over your sensitive data?”  The most common responses were –

“We are not sure where to start”  “Can you help us with that?” and “It is on our list of priorities”

The feedback highlighted that most CIO’s and IT Managers regard the undertaking of a DLP project as daunting, and they perceived getting budgetary approval for this type of project was very difficult without some hard evidence of an actual data leakage problem.

After reviewing the responses and feedback we determined that DLP doesn’t have to be daunting and there are ways to verify if an organisation may, or may not, have a data leakage issue. This can be achieved without having to request funding from the business for a proof of concept or full implementation.

Using a Data Leakage Assessment Service

With our McAfee Data Leakage Prevention Monitor appliance, we can start by rapidly identifying any data leakage at your internet gateway and provide you with a risk assessment report detailing our findings.

The Data Leakage Prevention Monitor creates an index of commonly used protocols such as HTTP and SMTP transmissions across the monitored port and creates a repository of network events. At the completion of the assessment we run a pre defined set of policies across the indexed data and also run a set of customised queries to generate enterprise specific reports to identify any leakage of enterprise specific information.

So whether you wish to understand if you have generic issues like credit card data or HR info being shared inappropriately, or are concerned about the usage of current sensitive project information then we will be able to assist in determining if this is leaking from your organisation.

To discuss how we are assisting organisations understand their data leakage status contact

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