Database Security Technology

Knowing that valuable and confidential information stored in databases is fully protected can prove to be somewhat challenging for organisations. Whilst we like to think we know our databases, in reality we don't always know what is inside them. Organic growth, management by external contractors, adds, moves and changes are examples of factors that can contribute to making data protection challenging. It is therefore easy to see how blind spots can occur. However given the availability of cost effective database security technology it is also inexcusable for an organization not to have a dedicated solution in place.

Vulnerability Management technology is a means to get visibility of your database landscape and to ensure your databases are not open to exploitation. In some cases the same Vulnerability Management technology is also helping organisations rediscover databases they had forgotten existed.

Once the landscape is understood a series of scans can be performed on the identified databases to help uncover where sensitive data resides e.g HR detail, credit card data, ensuring any blind spots can then be addressed. Further scans can be performed to determine what patches should be applied to the database.

Thereafter if you wish to keep tighter ongoing controls on your crown jewels you might consider Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) technology, which is designed to capture and record SQL activity in real or near to real time. It also monitors database administrator activity, works across multiple databases, generates alerts on policy violations and can terminate any malicious behavior in real-time.

Whilst this is a light definition, the main benefit of a DAM tool is that it performs audit and security functions for the business. More advanced DAM tools are designed to collect activity from different database management platforms, normalize and correlate events, and generate a meaningful report.

A typical implementation of this technology often starts with a specific project with a narrow scope where the benefits to the organization are quickly realised, leading to broader use throughout the business.

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