Digital Certificate Expiration

Certificate Expiration - Can You Risk It?

Digital Certificates are in use by practically every organisation in New Zealand, whether authenticating users or securing web portals, they are an invaluable component of the business' critical systems.

I wonder how many of these organisations are confident in their certificate management processes?

For example, should a certificate that is securing a key application or online payment portal expire

  • How would you know an expired certificate was the cause of an outage?
  • What is the mitigation process?
  • How would you quantify the loss of business?
  • Who should be held responsible and what may happen to them as a result?

MPA's experience is that the majority of NZ organisations are reliant on a member of the IT team keeping an excel spread sheet somewhere within their vast file systems to record certificate expiry dates. This person is then reliant upon themselves to remember when each and every certificate is due to expire, ensure each renewal is in hand before the expiry date, authorise the renewal and purchase of certificates and then start the process again.

We have heard of many instances where certificates have not been logged on a spread sheet, expiry dates have been missed off, the spread sheet has been misplaced and even been accidently deleted altogether. The net result is potential loss of business revenue, staff and customer disruption and the IT team being faced with answering some extremely awkward questions as to how such an outage has occurred.

In leveraging the benefits of the Entrust Certificate Management Service the IT team can quickly and easily understand exactly which certificates (from all issuing CA's including self-signed) are in use by the business, where they are in use, what they secure, and when they are due to expire. This therefore removes the risk of a makeshift or ad-hoc approach and establishes a robust and secure process to guard against any potential revenue loss.

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