“Man in the Inbox” Phishing Attacks Highlight A Concerning Gap In Perimeter Technology Defences

“Man in the Inbox” phishing attacks come from compromised email accounts. They look like someone from within a business, for example the HR director, sent an email directing employees to do something legitimate—like logging onto a fabricated page to read and agree to a corporate policy. When employees log on, the attackers harvest their credentials. These attacks are yet another example of increasingly sophisticated credential phishing. 

The best way to detect these types of campaigns is to train users to recognise phishing attacks, including “Man in the Inbox.” It is also important to note that perimeter defence technologies like secure email gateways are not designed to stop these attacks.

In the report – Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing Ransomware and Email Fraud - by  Osterman Research, one of the main concerns expressed by decision makers focussed on email being the primary threat vector for cybercriminal activity, and nearly one-half of attacks are focused on account takeovers.

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Secure Email Gateways Miss Attacks That Come From Within
Secure email gateways are only part of a sufficient defence strategy. In the case of a “Man in the Box” attack a secure email gateway will not block the attack because it never sees it coming—the phishing emails come from within, from compromised accounts and other trusted sources.

Secure email gateways are less effective in filtering internal messages. Because of the implicit trust in the sanctity of the internal domain, rules governing internal content are often lax or immature. Once inside the perimeter, a phishing email leaves the users themselves as the only remaining line of defence is a strong response starting with properly trained employees successfully reporting the attack, leading to rapid containment and mitigation.

Human and technical assets working collectively can block phishing outbreaks. In-depth security means more than layers of technology: gateways, scanners, heuristic engines, and multi-factor authentication. It means choosing the right technology to identify compromised IPs and speed mitigation. It also means giving employees relevant education. 

A collective defence, not tech-only, is the smarter way to go.

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