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2012 is being picked as the year that Mobile Computing will figure highly as a reality, likely project or hot discussion topic for many of New Zealand's enterprises. The adoption of mobile devices has introduced a whole set of new challenges for IT management.  One example being, the technologies and processes to manage security policies for desktop and laptop computing are incapable of being applied to mobile devices.

Enter EMM - not to be confused with ECM, EDM, EFM or EKM !.  Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM is designed to bring the same level of security and control to mobile devices that IT typically applies to laptops and desktops, including the ability to identify, tag and assign policies to both employee and business-owned smartphones and tablets and to provide protection from malware. EMM combines a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform with the added security required to protect devices from being infected by the rapidly rising malware variants targeted at smartphones.

 Some points worth considering in advance of a Mobile Computing deployment are -

  1. Fragmented OS landscape - With 4 mobile OS choices in the market currently - Apple, Google (Android), Blackberry and Microsoft, your EMM solution needs to be capable of supporting current and future versions of OS from these manufacturers. Your organisation may not be in a position to standardise on one phone type and one OS.
  2. Point Solutions - There are a number of very functional solutions on the market that do the basics well, however most of them are best deemed "Point Solutions" e.g policies are managed in isolation from the rest of your IT security framework. Selecting an EMM solution that integrates with an enterprise policy management platform will save time and money over the medium term.   
  3. Device usage - Do you intend to deploy devices to deliver email for which standard MDM is suitable ? - or - are you looking to install and manage line of business applications on the devices ? This introduces another variable to the mobile management equation - Mobile application management.
  4. Vendor selection - in any new technology market there are often plenty of new (and not so new) entrants offering a solution. Eventually market consolidation kicks in and many of the smaller players disappear. The EMM market is in this position today so selecting a vendor partner that has demonstrated some longevity in the security market may be a wise choice.         

MPA has been working with organisations around New Zealand to assist them determine their strategy for mobile device deployment. To book a time to discuss how we might be able to assist your organisation contact

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