Mobilise SharePoint Securely

Keeping data files and content secure in an increasingly mobile world is proving to be very challenging for organisations. In getting the balance right an organization needs to meet acceptable IT security standards whilst assisting their staff to collaborate outside of secured company networks and systems.

For many people on the move, and for those who need to collaborate with external third parties, resorting to workarounds or unauthorized file sharing methods has become commonplace when working with company data or content outside of the office. Key information ends up residing in various unsecure places such as Dropbox-like file share sites, USB keys or on private individuals laptops. Once the information has left your internal systems you have lost control of it thereafter.

Ideally a simple means to configure mobile device access or to allow third party remote access to platforms such as SharePoint or other Enterprise Content Management systems is the answer, but today these are not provided as core functions of ECM platforms. Setting up a VPN for tablets and smartphones that are not company owned introduces a range of potential management and security issues. Providing a remote desktop will work in some instances but may not be the right solution when sharing data and content with third parties.

Accellion assists organisations configure secure easy access to their information from iPhones, Android phones and tablet devices.  Their Mobile File Sharing solution for SharePoint and ECM solutions can be deployed in a number of different formats e.g private or public cloud - without the need for additional CALs. In all cases this helps remove any justification to resort to unauthorised or risky practices when configuring data and content availability for roaming users or external third parties - and makes secure mobile collaboration with ECM platforms such as SharePoint achievable.

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