Need to protect data on laptops in the field?

It is accepted business practice that certain employees will need to work in the field at customer sites or from home.  Business laptops carry sensitive information; everything from patients, customer and employee records to intellectual property, financial data and passwords.  Once the data leaves the confines of the office the exposure to loss or theft becomes much greater.

In our experience it is the expectation of the business to be able to allow their employees to work efficiently and unencumbered whilst protecting the data required to complete the task.

MPA understands the need to achieve the highest level of security while enabling the employee to work productively and for the IT department to easily manage and report on.

SafeNet's ProtectDrive offers that security whilst enabling the laptop and the business to operate at the maximum performance. ProtectDrive employs pre-boot authentication, multifactor authentication support and disaster recovery as standard. The loss/theft of data by USB keys or disk is prevented and costs associated with hard drive disposal are eliminated.

ProtectDrive delivers low-cost and ease of management by leveraging Microsoft Active Directory or ADAM as its management platform. No additional training or management software is required.

Major organisations such as Ministry of Justice and First NZ have implemented SafeNet.

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