Protecting Data In Transit

The need for strong encryption and effective key management is becoming more relevant as each day passes for several reasons including, the fact that organisations are continuing to store increasing amounts of valuable data, the growth in the use of cloud based delivery models and the on-going challenge of stopping or minimising data breaches.  

Encrypting Data in Transit refers to data which is encrypted as it traverses a network — including via web applications, smart phone apps etc. The term “in Transit” basically refers to the point at which the data leaves the storage drive or a database until it's re-saved or delivered to its destination.  Protecting information “in Transit” essentially ensures the data is protected from others attempting to snoop on information as it traverses the network.

Today it is becoming more common for organisations to encrypt Data at Rest. This term applies to data storage — either in a database, on a disk, or on some other form of media. Whilst this is a very good step towards improving data security it is important to consider the “in Transit” security.

A common misunderstanding we uncover is that users think data encrypted “at Rest” remains encrypted as it traverses any network. Similarly we are sometimes required to advise that data encrypted as it traverses a network does not in any way ensure that the content remains encrypted after it has reached its destination. It is highly recommended that these two encryption types, for Data in Transit and Data at Rest, are used in tandem.

Data in Transit security can be configured using Network Encryptors to protect IP traffic as it moves across public networks. The Network Encryptors provide data confidentiality and integrity for network traffic and allow for the deployment of high-confidence VPN communications. An encryptor device will appear as a network host on a public network and a router on a private network. Integration is straightforward as common protocols are used with support for XDSL, MPLS and ATM based networking being standard.    

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