Reduce operational costs through digital signatures

In order to comply with regulations, expedite business processes and reduce operational costs, companies around the world are moving to electronic document signing. New Zealand organisations are following this global trend.

Document authorisation is a time consuming process, slowing down operations as documents travel through multiple departments for approval. This process incurs greater costs when documents require authorisation outside the physical location to branch offices, third party business partners, suppliers and customers.

MPAs experience shows that businesses require an alternative solution that can help users approve documents conveniently and securely.

The answer to the business problem is implementing digital signatures. Through working with MPA and SafeNet, organisations have been able to guarantee the signer authenticity and the data integrity of digital documents in a manner that is secure, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

Using powerful encryption technology and public key infrastructure (PKI) support, the SafeNet digital signature solution enables enterprises to exchange documents electronically with assurance and verification of the signers identity, whilst eliminating cumbersome business processes and cost.

In New Zealand, organisations in the government and finance sector have implemented SafeNet to increase security and accelerate business processes.  

MPA are experts in solving business problems using world class technology. We can help you obtain non-repudiation on documents while ensuring and meeting compliance requirements. 

For a copy of the MPA Guide to Digital Signatures, please contact

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