2015 Roundtable Review

Having concluded the MPA Roundtable Series in September we thought it would be beneficial for our readers to be able to review a summary of the topics discussed at each event by making available the speaker presentation content.



The New Imperative - Securely Empowering the Mobile Worker CLICK HERE

This presentation will discuss ways to securely empower your mobile workforce including:

  • The latest innovations in secure file sharing and collaboration
  • Best practices for providing secure mobile access to enterprise content
  • How to leverage investments in existing infrastructure and systems
  • Benefits and use cases for creating secure custom enterprise mobile app

Presenter – Kieran O'Shaughnessy - Managing Director Asia Pacific, Accellion Inc.


Beyond Trust 

Contextual Security - finding ways to maximise security investments - CLICK HERE

In today's dynamic IT enterprise, organizations must rely on all of the relevant information available to them to make better informed security decisions. A unique approach called Context Aware Security Intelligence is use to provide this information.

BeyondTrust provide organisations with environmental context for the entire breadth of their IT landscape by integrating security and compliance best practices required to securely support the dynamic business and IT infrastructures of today and tomorrow.

Presenter – Nigel Hedges - Regional Manager - Australia & New Zealand, BeyondTrust



The Borderless Enterprise - CLICK HERE

As more data and applications move to the cloud, delivering positive end-user experiences has become more difficult—and more expensive. Roughly 60% of availability and performance errors are the result of misconfigurations by IT, and the average network outage costs $7,900 per minute. The loss of control and revenue dictates a new approach to measuring network and application performance that can accommodate applications that reside on premise or in the cloud.

Presenter - Terence Grey, Systems Engineer, Fluke Networks 




Digital Enablement – Risks and Rewards -  CLICK HERE

There is a heightened awareness about how senior executives and their teams are accountable for the management of risk and security within their organisations.

Understanding the steps required to provide assurance on the governance, management and security of information and information systems is key to meeting these responsibilities.

Getting the foundations right takes time, money and effort. But there are immediate steps that can be taken to reduce risk and align operations with policy. If those steps are taken correctly an organisation can begin to drive measurable improvement to their security posture and meet digital interaction objectives and targets.

This presentation will outline the appropriate environment for good governance, measurable improvement in security and ultimately underpins the aim of improving digital interactions between customers, business and government agencies.


  • Tony Krzyzewski, CTO, Protocol Policy Systems
  • Joseph Dalessandro, Senior Technical Consultant, MPA New Zealand



Mountain View

Secure the Breach- Gemalto’s Three Step Approach - CLICK HERE

Every company has a Plan A for how to stop cyber criminals from getting into the network and stealing data. Build a wall around the data with next generation super-duper firewalls, throw in some AV and IDS, and sprinkle it all with some SIEM. It is a plan that has not changed much in the past 10 years. But even with newer APT and UTM security technologies, the bad guys continue to win. In fact, the problem is only getting worse because when it comes to data security, Plan A is often the only plan companies have.

What is really needed is a Plan B when Plan A fails. That way, there is a backup plan to contain the damage once hackers get past the perimeter defenses. Gemalto / SafeNet offers a simple three step process to achieving a successful Plan B

Presenter - Andrew Younger, Senior Security Consultant, Gemalto-SafeNet



Mountain View

Mobility Summit - CLICK HERE

As Mobility matures enterprise investment criteria changes

This presentation outlines a path to strengthening an organisations adoption of Mobility to capitalise on the innovation opportunity. This will include a discussion on the overall maturity of the NZ and Asia Pacific mobility market with a focus on governance, structuring for innovation, information security and having the right metrics for success in place.

Presenter – Adam Dodds, Research Director, IT Services & Cloud, IDC New Zealand and Australia.

Securely Mobilize Your Business

Paul Domoney outlined the following key points in his presentation:

  • Deploy a comprehensive enterprise mobility platform.
  • Ensure the same high levels of corporate data security enjoyed by thousands of organizations worldwide with the rapid deployment and TCO benefits of the cloud.
  • Deliver instant access to the information users need on the devices they love
  • Get quick wins from workflow improvements.

Presenter - Paul Domoney – Sales Engineer for Good Technology

KNOX and the Samsung – Good Technology partnership

Samsung KNOX keeps evolving to meet changing enterprise needs. KNOX plays a key part in providing advanced data and privacy protection for enterprise users. Furthermore the Good for KNOX solution brings together the leading secure mobile app platform with the leading embedded security solution for Android, allowing customers to accelerate corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE), and bring your own device (BYOD) Android programs.

Presenter - Juston Fenton, Solutions Architect at Samsung



Eliminate SSL Blind Spots - protecting your enterprise from trust-based attacks - CLICK HERE

  • Learn about the protection that Public Certificate Authorities offer by implementing proper certificate issuance policies and practices.
  • Get up to speed on the major threats related to the SSL protocol that have been recently discovered.
  • Learn about SSL Best practices, from certificate deployment, server implementation, to long term certificate management.
  • What are the common pitfalls and deployment mistakes that organizations are running into?

This presentation will allow you to find out more about industry leading tools that help you to identify and mitigate risks associated with known vulnerabilities in SSL.

Presenter -  Dathan Demone, Product Manager – Certificate Services, Entrust


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