Securing Authentication To Cloud Applications

The Cloud is one of the fastest growing areas in the IT sector today. Putting aside the hype by the industry media and vendors, more businesses are transitioning applications to the cloud.

MPA has found that whilst organisations can identify some business benefits of cloud computing- in terms of flexibility and cost effectiveness - one major reason some are not yet ready to adopt the cloud is because they are conflicted about security. In considering a transition these organisations are understandably not comfortable with relinquishing some of the control provided by their existing perimeter security.

Having assisted customers implement new Cloud applications securely, MPA can provide sound advice on effective measures to ensure that security is successful and manageable.

One simple example being - Securing user access to applications.

We are commonly asked the following questions -

  1.  How do we implement and manage user authentication to cloud based applications?
  2. Can authentication for cloud be consistent with authentication to our in-house systems?
  3. How do we cater for the change in user device types e.g. uptake of mobile devices?

Our recommendations are - check with your technology supplier to confirm the authentication solution they supply supports the SAML standard, out of the box or via an upgrade. Therefore should you embrace the use of cloud based applications you can continue, or start, to use one authentication platform for both in-house systems and cloud based applications.

Device type support - We have an increasing number of customers authenticating from their mobile device which means they no longer need to carry a physical token and use a software based token. Support from an authentication platform for a range of different physical and soft token options is highly recommended.

By implementing the SafeNet authentication service MPA has ensured many of New Zealand's top organisations now provide secure and risk-free access to applications for their users.

To discuss how we can assist, or to obtain a coy of the white paper - Authentication Best Practices


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