Securing Blurred Boundaries


The uptake to date of Mobile and Cloud computing in New Zealand has been strong. On a global basis Gartner have predicted that by 2020, 80% of digital access will be shaped by non-PC architectures. IT spending, to the tune of $1 trillion, will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud over the next four years. In their view cloud computing is now one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the formation of the digital age.

The adoption of cloud-based applications and virtualized environments, along with an increasingly mobile workforce have blurred the boundaries of the traditional network security perimeter for many organisations. As a result they are finding it a challenge to afford, implement, and manage consistent, unified access policies to their corporate resources.

MPA works with a number of leading security vendors that play an important part in helping organisations make the adoption of these new technology options secure. One of the most effective ways to ensure the right people are accessing your resources and critical data is to deploy a strong authentication service. 

Surprisingly however many organisations are still relying only on a user name and password to provide remote user access to on premise or cloud based resources. This is an insecure and high risk approach. Many data breaches are instigated using user name and password credentials that have been stolen or guessed. 

Often the reason there has been no additional authentication layer (2FA) applied boils down to the organisation not being clear on the options that exist to make access more secure and a perception that it is complicated and challenging to implement 2FA.

The graphic below depicts a scenario that provides user access to a combination of applications and services that includes Office 365, and a VPN connection to the office for access to some specific in house applications or a financial application.

Adding an additional 2FA layer to properly secure access to the cloud based applications and the VPN is made very straightforward and cost effective by Gemalto.

2Fa Graphic 2

How have they achieved this?

The Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) has, to date, been integrated with an extensive list of over 150 popular business applications and services.

Users can be enrolled to the Cloud based service using one of the following methods: 

  • Manually, one user at a time, using the Create User shortcut
  • Manually, by importing one or more user records via a flat file
  • Automatically, by synchronizing with your Active Directory/LDAP server using the SAS synchronisation agent

Soft tokens can be provisioned en masse to smartphones, phablet and tablet devices in seconds making them user authentication devices. Alternatively a range of physical tokens can be used.

Ongoing management of users, their access and the integration of applications and services can be managed from a single point by your nominated administrator.

Read how Canterbury District Health Board quickly and cost effectively equipped over 5000 staff with 2FA based access to applications and services using Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) CLICK HERE.

If you would like to discuss how easy it is to improve security with 2FA for your organisation or to discuss a trial contact – Sameer Shaikh -

Sameer Shaikh -

Sameer has over 11 years of experience in sales and customer service roles in the technology, financial, wholesale trade and retail sector in India, UAE, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

At MPA Sameer is applying his expertise in customer management and business development to maintain existing business relationships as well as developing new business opportunities.

He also shares responsibility in the sales and purchase order entry and logistics areas.

Sameer has a Bachelor of Science degree.

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