Secure Mobility

Smartphones and Tablets are becoming pervasive in all sectors of industry and government. Last year we saw the shipment figures for these devices increase significantly, indicating a major uplift in adoption rates for mobiles devices as a business tool. In many organizations iPads already have been adopted at senior management level requiring IT teams to integrate the devices into corporate systems. As traditional phones are replaced by Smartphones there is a drive to allow all staff to have access to corporate email and in some cases extend access to corporate applications.

Based on the feedback we received last year very few organizations are treating these devices as they do laptops, but in effect that is what they are - extremely functional portable devices suitable for business use.

In most cases no management solution has been implemented to track and control the devices and the typical corporate security considerations such as authentication, data protection and threat protection - that are usually implemented on laptops - have been overlooked.

The Solution

MPA has developed a solution set that addresses these challenges across all common platforms.

Through partnerships with the worlds leading vendors in the mobile management sector - McAfee, SafeNet, Accellion, Anomalous Networks and Entrust, we can help organisations deploy and manage their Smartphone and Tablet fleet securely.

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