The benefits of a Fully Trusted Authentication Environment

To really understand the risks they are facing, organisations ideally need to build a risk model to analyse a range of factors relating to IT policy, regulations and compliance, employee behaviour, and data storage. Once the vulnerabilities are understood an organisation is in a better position to minimize the risk of a breach, and to develop an authentication strategy suited to their needs. This strategy should ideally define a layered approach to authentication that includes the core authentication system, the lifecycle of authentication components, and complementary solutions.

In considering one aspect of the layered strategy - the core authentication system - any solution considered should match your authentication to your business, users and risk requirements. This is likely to result in the deployment of different authentication methods whilst also maintaining a balance with manageability and cost effectiveness. Typical multi-factor technology options include One-time password, Certificate-based Authentication and Context-based Authentication.

Having flexibility is key during the lifecycle of the authentication system. Being able to adapt and change based on shifting risk profiles could see the introduction of PKI technologies to support possible requirements such as digital signing or disk encryption.

The benefits of a fully trusted authentication environment include -

• Customers or organisations can create their own token data, and retain control of security data and policies.

• Additional layers of protection can be provided through encryption of token data, and the ability to store and manage keys in hardware.

• Varying user risk levels and user requirements can be addressed with authentication choice - certificate-based authentication, OTP, mobile authentication, and secure access to SaaS applications.

• Improved management and visibility, with centralized and simplified administration, deployment, and manageability.

• The deployment of industry proven technology, using standards-based algorithms; no proprietary technology.

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