What is the relationship between Tablets and headaches?

If your organisation has issued tablets or has signed off a BYOD policy for your staff  then the chances are that you will shortly need to address two trends that are starting to give CIO's a headache. 

Once active with their tablets, your staff will a) run out of local storage capacity and b)have a requirement to collaborate with another user on a project. 

In our experience locally we see many tablet users get around this inconvenience by signing up for a  consumer grade file share account in "the cloud". Should a staff member leave your organisation or conclude a contracted project they still have access to these files which were placed in the file share cloud account - as do any other persons they were collaborating with. 

At the risk of exacerbating the CIO headache - the fact that there have been some instances where consumer based file share operations have met legal challenges (i.e MegaUpload and Carpathia Hosting) means that it is very possible a legal challenge will render any legitimate company data stored with these operations inaccessible.

In considering the impact of the shut down we did ponder the question - how did the company data get there ? - via the company network , the user home network or the 3G network - the two latter examples are not readily managed by the company. 

To understand how you can provide your organisation with a safe and secure means to store files and collaborate whilst alleviating the headache contact sales@mpa.co.nz for a white paper.

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